Colorado Art RanchPhoto: David Peterson

What's an Artposium?

For people who appreciate the intersection of art, science, land, and human issues.

Colorado Art Ranch holds public forums, called Artposia. The Artposia are designed for people who appreciate literature, contemporary art and the multidisciplinary exploration of ideas.

Each Artposium:
• focuses on a unique theme inspired by local landscapes, history and concerns
• features local, national and international artists, writers and scientists
• stimulates conversations about how the arts intersect with land and social issues
• attracts an audience from Colorado and beyond
• showcases the towns that host the Artposia and residencies

Past and future Artposium themes include rivers, mapping, land stewardship, humor, migration and immigration, sexuality, agritourism, aging and death, sustainability, dwellings, water conservation, crops and cuisine, and mine reclamation.

What Makes Colorado Art Ranch Unique?

We own no land and no buildings. We bring the residencies and Artposia to towns throughout Colorado, where housing, studio space and conference facilities are rented or donated.

We mix literary and visual artists in a residency to allow the possibility of collaboration. Each Artposium explores the intersection of the arts with social and scientific matters. The themes draw from local history, culture, landscapes and issues.

Boundary Crossing
Because Colorado Art Ranch is nomadic, it connects artists, writers and supporters
of the arts across the state. Because it is interdisciplinary, the Artposium fosters
collaboration among artists, writers, scientists and policy makers.

Eye Opening
Artposium speakers introduce the participants to new ways of seeing the world. The effect is immediate: the attendees come away with new ideas and new creative energy. 

Community Oriented
Colorado Art Ranch serves communities across the Intermountain West, requires artists in residence to donate time to host towns, recruits local ambassadors to serve as “Art Buddies” for the visiting artists and writers, and draws on local experts to speak at the Artposia



"It's like a think fest."

"Overall thought the residents and speakers were thought provoking. They seemed to
come from different perspectives, dreamers and realists, and I left with a sense of
optimism about the future. Liked the Fri evening setup of meeting the residents. It was good for me to hear them early in the weekend. I thought the setting was great!"

"It was so well organized with every detail thoughtfully explored. The surprise elements, inherent in all events, were dealt with using calm, creativity, and a sense of humor. The presentations were relevant and thought provoking. I have a short attention span, so the timing of everything seemed "just right" as Goldilocks would say. The artbuddy system is an ingenious way to get the opportunities for 2-way connection into the community. I loved meeting all of the artists and having the opportunity to attend functions where they were "giving back". I am honored to be a nomad."

"I love what we are doing (see, the "you" has become "we" for me), and would like to be of help at all times. Thank you for bringing all these beautiful people and this beautiful piece of land together. You are all doing a fantastic job."


-Nomads (known as attendees in some circles)