Colorado Art Ranch

Frequently Asked Questions About Residencies

Colorado Art Ranch and partners host 4+ visual and lieterary artists in different towns throughout Colorado. The residencies generally run four weeks.

Where is the residency and what is it like?
Residencies are in smaller rural towns in beautiful areas of Colorado. We strive to expose residents to incredible natural beauty of this state. To see where the next residency will be held see the NEXT RESIDENCY section.

Where will I be living and working?
Each resident will have a private room and studio or writing space. Residents may share kitchens and bathrooms. Even though residents have private rooms, this is still a group living situation. If that is difficult for you, don't apply. No really, it's important that the residents be flexible and open to others needs and mannerisms.

Will I get an Art Buddy?
Yes! Each resident will be assigned their own personal Art Buddy from the community. Your Art Buddy will help orient you to the town and (if desired) connect you to people and places. They will also help you set up your give-back to the community.

Are meals included?
No, not for this residency. But we are providing cooking facilities and there will be opportunities to get groceries or go to restaurants.

Will I be able to attend the Artposium?
In most cases the residencies overlap the Artposia. In those cases you can attend theArtposium for free. You will be our guest. In fact we'll give you an opportunity to introduce yourself and work to the audience.

What is expected of me?
1. Use the time to write or create art.
2. Give one day to the community, however you see fit.

Can I bring my family or pet?
Unfortunately, no. But you might ask family to join you at the end of your residency to experience the beauty of Colorado.

What kind of artists are supported?
We are oriented toward visual contemporary art and writing. Residents will be selected by a panel. We look for artists and writers who ask questions of themsleves and the world and whose work, in turn, asks questions of the viewer or reader.

I applied before and didn't get in. Does this mean I'm not a fit for Colorado Art Ranch?
Nope. The juries that select residents change all the time. Plus, we can only take a limited number of applicants. Look at the rest of our site. Does the mission resonate with you? If so, and you create high-end visual or literary art, you are probably a good fit.



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